Saige is an integrated company that provides quality die casting, manufacturing and engineering solution worldwide.

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Ningbo Beilun Saige Machine Co., Ltd. is an integrated company that provides quality die casting, manufacturing, engineering solution worldwide. With more than 15 years of experience and certification with IATF16949, Saige has served many overseas customers. Saige is located in Ningbo, China, close to the Ningbo Port. Our company is engaged in designing, manufacturing, and producing almost all kinds of aluminum die casting parts and mold. We have four sets of full automatic L.K. die casting machine capacity from 280T- 800T, 12 precision CNC machining, and 13 CN lathes, Our products are widely used in automotive, communication, furniture, medical instrument, constructions, electric devices, etc. Welcome, send us your RFQ.

Tools and Molds

Tools and molds

Saige has a professional and senior mold engineering team, in-house workshop providing optomal mold solution to customers based on their requirments in order to guarantee the products quality and mold life. The core material is made of H13 or DIEVAR. We also provide rapid mold for small quantity production like prototype for reduce the cost for customer. The company controls the quality throughout the process to meet the designing requirment.

Die casting

Saige die casting

Saige involved in the industry for advancements in high pressure die casting for Aluminum die casting components.  Combined with our advanced engineering capabilities, we can provide the optimum solution for every product, whether it is as-cast or a complex assembly.

Proven reliability and a diverse range of product experience makes Saige a go-to partner for our strategic Tier One and OEM customers.  Today, parts with thin walls, intricate designs, stringent performance requirements, and complex shapes are our mainstay.  We consistently cast such ‘difficult’ parts with a refined grain structure to meet industry acceptable Level 1 porosity and customer leak test requirements.

Saige has the reliable L.K. cold chamber Die Casting machine to processes which provide the flexibility needed to cast a wide range of parts at competitive prices.  Our presses range from 280T to 1,250T which gives us the versatility to cast a majority of customer components.

Saige is tenured in multiple aluminum and magnesium alloys. From traditional A380 and ADC12 to AlSi12Cui(Fe) for increased wear resistance, Saige has the right experience for lightweight solutions.

Saige machining workshop

Our machining work-centers provide a broad range of options depending on volume and complexity of the casting.  These range from traditional machining centers to our CNC work centers which produce precision accuracy with tremendous flexibility.

Saige excels at machining and assembly.  When a part or subassembly reaches your facility, it is ready to install.  This full-service package gives our customers a competitive advantage in cost-effective manufacturability.
Whether you need simple turning and lathe work or intricate machining utilizing custom machine cells with automated assembly of complex sub-components, Gibbs does it.   And, we can do it within tolerances of 20 microns – tolerances typically associated only with aerospace and the most complex manufacturing.  This extreme level of precision allows even matched-set machining capabilities.

Saige inspection equipment

Saige inspection equipment

Saige has in-house inspection lab which is equiped with many advanced inspection instruments.


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